A Sunday play date . . . and thinking out loud.

Hello  B e a u t i f u l s!

Yesterday . . . I blew up our oven.

I was advised to only self-clean three times a year.

I listened.

Guessing . . .

. . . at 13 years old, the device could only handle one more incineration.  Needless to say, tears came to my eyes. I knew it would not be easy . . . or a reasonable price to replace our standing stove and oven.

One of the goals I have set for peri-retirement/retirement is immersing myself in my collection of cookbooks, presently with a particular focus on Patricia Wells and Mimi.

. . . and Mr D, himself, has taken a keener interest in cooking.

I believe we have found a candidate that will replace my/our well-loved and well-worn work/cook horse.  Mr D has concurred . . . we can kick it up a notch.  “A “mid range” . . . range (tongue in cheek) . . . meaning between 2K and 3K.

I’m a still riding a little high from Jay and Camille’s wedding, two weeks ago.

dreams on 34th st 7 16 17.jpg

I love this image.

First . . . It shows Jay’s happiness and passion for his bride and the day.

Second . . . It purveys a trend.

Can you guess?

The “hot” stubble beard.

(At the request of his bride.)

I LOVED IT on my always need to be clean-shaven for his on camera profession son.  I also laugh because as a “boomer”, I interpret a “hot stubble” as it an ultimate kick back and relax day . . . vacation.

Best Day Ever!

Hot stubble!


Seeing and feeling our son’s happiest day ever continues to fuel me and my spirit. I am blessed he chose such a beautiful and caring woman.  It was so cool to see her name change on FB and Instagram.  We are now both . . . “Mrs. T”!

I plan to share more of the wedding details on the next few Wednesdays”!

And . . . just when you think you have enough fuel to fill your heart and soul . . .


. . . HERE’S YOUR EARS !!!!!!!!!!!

. . . talk about a propellant fuel additive!  (They are ready to hit the Magic Kingdom!)


Today we are going to a street festival in West Seattle with our good friends.  Mr D and I grew up near West Seattle.  It will be fun to go back.  I hope to visit Bakery Nouveau. Yes. You’ve got it . . . français parfait!

. . . and I’m guessing a little “mid – 80’s grunge” in the air via the music festival stage.

Gotta hit the shower, throw on my time-worn linen and denim, slip into the old comfy sparkle flip-fops and grab my French market basket.

Alexa! Play “Smells Like Team Spirit” by Nirvana!

Happy “we’re near the end of the first tri-fester” of Summer!

New hashtag today!




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