On My “Bake” List . . . And A “Tad” More !

H e l l o o o o     B e a u t i f u l s !

You knew I blew up our stove . . . THREE WEEKS AGO!

Our chosen replacement is finally arriving Sunday.  We went with Kitchen Aid.

(It’s pretty sad when you dream of cooking and baking only to wake up to a dead appliance in the kitchen!)

I started a list . . . inspired by a couple perfect summertime “bakes” I saw on Instagram from Kayley McCabe.

Since it’s zucchini season . . .


. . . I plan on baking this ONE BOWL chocolate zucchini sheet cake !


I am also craving this raspberry ricotta almond cake.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Talk about “cake for breakfast” without too much guilt!

Seriously, Kayley . . . I could turn your Instagram images into pillows and sleep dream on them.

Since the wedding,  I have been immersed in work, cleaning, family blessings, and organizing our little place here on 34.

And speaking of work . . . I just noticed the time.


I have to go . . . NOW!

( 34 may just be turning into the best of my “bullet journal”!)

To the warm hot weekend ahead!

Our dance card is full!

A BIG party in Woodinville on Saturday and our great-niece Ariana is getting married on Brown’s Point . . . Sunday!



  1. What a kindred spirit you are! I am addicted to baking and can’t wait for the fun to begin. It is still a bit too warm for turning on our oven for all of the planned adventures so this provides time to plan as well. I have about 8 cookbooks on hold at the library that I have been dreaming about for a long time and can’t wait to dive into them. Like you, the images are just as appealing as the outcome. Hoping all is well and looking forward to reading about your baking adventures!

  2. The wedding photo was beautiful..what a handsome boy. I would love to blow my range up…tell me how. LOL. I have missed your posts so much…I do not know what when I click on it goes to two years ago….so I will keep tracking you . :):) Blessings to you and all your wonderful family. xoxo, Susie

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