French Bread on Friday

🥐 SEP 8 2016 –

There is a little French – American styled establishment in NYC.

It’s charm has captured my curiosity.

B u v e tt e – 42 Grove Street – West Village, NYC – Serving all day – No reservations.

I wish I could share my own images of B u v e tt e, NYC . . . I have never been.

I live vicariously through those who have.

💗Thank you, Lovely Life.

Visit 1

:: via LOVELY LIFE :

I collect miniature MeNu ‘s.

 A MenU is ART to me!

That. Date. Stamp.


Wouldn’t it be a perfect fit on my funky chandelier?

Visit 2

:: via LOVELY LIFE ::

I am not finished with this little study on B u v e tt e.

Visit 3

:: via LOVELY LIFE ::

🥖On the French bread Fridays of Sep 2017, I will be bringing it’s food and style to life here on 34!

Have a wonderful weekend!

We have a FUN one planned!

It involves a weekend with our “Sports Guy” and his beautiful bride.

The newlyweds and football.

We can’t lose. He’s a Coug and she’s a Bronco!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know where I am going with this!

w /


🇸🇪 All images above are from the beautiful Swedish blog Lovely Life, with the exception of the image of our dining room.

1 Comment

  1. Lynn,
    Dreaming of French bread this Friday… You would think living within 15-20 min of large cities, there would be a French boulangerie/patisserie to get really close to the real thing French bread and pastries. There is the la Madeleine, but not close enough for a quick trip.

    Thanks for sharing your yummy inspiration.


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