Style. The. Day.

📖🖊 Mr D is off to work!

Smiling at myself  as I log on here . . .

🌧 It’s raining! We so need it. The smoke from the forest fires had returned.

🕔It’s 5 am.

Two meals down. Two served . . . three if you count The Chocolate Gousse . . . and two packed.

Load of  whites . . . IN!

Coffee . . .  ☕ Americano!  Strong.

Just visited my mood board.

The phone!

[A very welcome phone call from my daughter. She’s up before her family to begin the day. So happy to hear her voice this morning. We caught up until I heard “Good morning, Gah-ma!” Everybody was up!  It was time to go!]

What a wonderful start to a Monday morning!

Monday . . .

. . . laundry . . . and . . . bathroom day.



From my mood board . . .




one white rose

Inspired by a JoanMarie Co. post in July and her stunning photography.

Thank you, Joan.

I purchase my one white rose from a flower shop where I watch the workers load their delivery trucks in the morning while I wait for final stop light before the clinic. It’s the only stop light, I rather like.

I love the sight of delivery trucks in the morning. ( The very act of serving and making life better for us moves me. )

🚐🥖 🥖🥖🥖 I am always reminded of the image of the pale blue delivery truck filled with French bread that circulated blog land a few years back.


My favorite delivery trucks are the FLOWER DELIVERY TRUCKS!  

I would love to drive a flower truck like Amelia’s in Nashville.

My one white rose is placed in an amber Kombucha tea bottle I decorated for my desk at work.  I snip the stem and give the pretty white bloom fresh water every morning.  It lasts all week.

Now for tonight’s dinner.

(It’s tomato season!)

Monday Night Football and cooler evenings set the return of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches!

Easy – cheesey.


Pinned this image to bring on the ritual!  [Found on Tumblr, without a source.] Please tell me if this is your photograph!  It reminds me of moments in the kitchen with my Italian grandmother. I would love to know who you are. )

The subway tile . . .



I get creative some Monday nights.

What is more “fun” than accessorizing a classic?

I could say . . . Tomato and grilled cheese are component of my Fall “capsule menu” . . . just to sound au courant.

Tonight I am taking the soup “artisan bisque“, ( 🎺By “artisan” I mean . . . no recipe . . . just jazzing up in my own composition!🎷 )


The sandwich will be open-faced “French” as I try Jody’s version of “Croque-Monsieur”, on page 69 in my new cookbook.

My style today:  Seek simplicity and the magic feeling of comfortable.

Alexa!  🍂 ♥️ 🍂 Play George Winston’s  “Autumn”!

w / L


  1. Lynne,
    I love making tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Thanks for the idea for this week’s menu. I’m checking out the cookbook now! Have a wonderful week,

    1. Jody! You will LOVE “Jody’s” cookbook. If pay a bit more and purchase direct from “Buvette”, Jody will sign it. It arrives in a their market bag with a postcard! Makes a lovely gift! 💗L.

  2. Lynne,
    Wow! Love your upscale blog layout… I learned about Croque-Monsieur the first time I went to France. Makes a great lunch at a sidewalk cafe… Your Monday sounds anything but blue. Have a great week,


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