Style. The. Day.

🖊 ☔ Writing down rain again.  (Feeling welcome to me,  and for the landscape around me.)

My little commuter Corolla needs new shoes this year. Yesterday’s first drive in the rain was a slick reminder.

The passenger side wiper blade needs to be replaced . . . it squeaks!

🍂 Three more sleeps.

I’ll celebrate with a Pumpkin Spice Latte on Friday morning. I don’t do Starbucks every day.  It adds up . . .  ( budget and body.)

I just now pinned . . .

blanket scarf.jpg

. . . this to my mood board!

Thank you, Julia for your youthful classic style which can be interpreted by an aging eye and  💗.  I subscribe to you like I did to Vogue several years ago.

Blanket scarves will be a home and me accessory for the two seasons ahead.

The scarves Fall right into ” Feel Home “.  Thank you, Melinda! 

My goal is to style this season from the cupboards, closets, shelves and garden . . . and . . . yes . . . the hard part . . . heavily editing and purging the Rubbermaid bin filled a craft store collection of a lifetime in the garage . . . sigh.

(Oh! Readers! Did you know Melinda McCoy is offering a free 5 day email course?)



I was a little nervous about bringing me and my journal virtual ’til I read . . .


“Watch carefully the magic that occurs . . . when you give a person . . . just enough comfort to be themselves.”  – atticus







( Must dust now. )

🎬  It’s  a “wrap“!  Style cozy and café à la crème!

Yesterday . . . One. White. Rose.

Today . . . we wrap.

Style. The. Day.

w / L


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