Style. The. Day.

☕ Happy Monday!

It rained overnight.  Is it beginning to clear? ( It would be nice . . . )

I am styling today by bringing forward the GREAT feeling from a warm, cozy and mostly productive weekend.  ( The word “Hygge” comes to mind. )  HOOO – GAH!

I am also giving Costco a little gratitude in this post.

dr 3

Yesterday was the most beautiful “weather” day of the year so far.  I love the color . . . the light . . . the atmosphere of Fall.  Is it me?  Do you too see the difference?

I thought I would capture a photograph of the chandelier before its next transition.  ( It is very French right now. )

dr 2
Costco carries Brew Dr. Kombucha.  This brand is my favorite by a mile. Even the bottles are cool and retro feeling. (Very apothecary.)

Below the chandelier I am drying some herbs.  They were a thoughtful gift from a patient’s garden.

Parsley . . . Sage . . . Rosemary . . . and . . . Thyme.  

The farm table, downstairs is blanketed in bay leaf from our back yard. ( I have yet to capture it’s image.)  34 is not deliberately decorated for Autumn . . . yet it is most definitely FEELING FALL around here.  So cozy, and so fragrant.  ( Very Hygge. 🎑 🤗 )  Hoo – Gah!

dr 1

I washed the floors with my new Bissell Crosswave for the second time since it’s purchase. ( Costco is selling it for 179.99, with all of the bells and whistles. )  I am extremely happy with its performance so far.

On the lookout for some fabric to recover the chairs . . . not checks . . . not stripes. I have an idea that may be a little on the edge . . .

Gotta hit the shower!

Good day to all!


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