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pink champagne
:: La Fleurette – Lulu’s  ::

🥂 I WISH I could be sipping a little “bubbly”  this morning . . . because I have GREAT news to share!

🎀Grand baby #4 is on her way!  She is scheduled for arrival in February!  If all goes as planned, I will have a very close to my birthday buddy! 

Since I can’t imbibe . . .

. . . how about a “plunge into something pink” before the work day?

This is my very favorite bath combo right now!

All it takes is a trip to Wally World Walmart or the local drug store to capture this indulgence!

Dr Teals.png

The salts and the foaming bath together make the best soak ever!

. . . and I simply mix the salts into the coconut oil my shower scrub! ( If I wish to make it “bubbly” just a drop of the foaming bath.)

You are going to LOVE the fragrance!  ( I am almost addicted to it. )

Bonjour Wednesday!


💗Thank you Lulu’s for the amazing image and recipe for the beautiful cocktail!


  1. So excited to hear of another grand baby Lynne… are we talking Chrislyn or Camille??? 🙂 I haven’t tried the above soak, but I will like to… I do dry brush as well. Thanks for the tip and congratulations…

    1. Thank you Mary! 💗 We are talking Chrislyn and Jason. On their first date they each shared a desire for a big family. When they were married, they set a goal for four. This is “it” for them. Jay and Camille recently purchased a baby male Yellow Lab. I believe they will begin their family within the next year or so, ( God willing ), as Jay is approaching his mid 30’s and Camille will be 27. They are planning their honeymoon for February, ( After football season ). I have been quite distracted in recent months. My mother has not been well since last Spring. She fell and broke her other hip 5 days before the wedding. Her recovery is has been slow, plus many complications. I set my retirement date for Sept 1 of next year. Would love to travel to Cali and meet again one day. I hope all is going well with you, Jim, Priscilla and your mother.

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