🍂✒This week has taken a turn to “wellness” for me.

Yesterday, I realized . . . I hadn’t dry brushed for a while.

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:: A nice and informative article from Renee’ at The Health Nut Mama ::

I wrote about it in a post a couple of years ago.  A few readers contacted me to thank me for the recommendation.

Dry brushing is a little daily-life changer on the cheap.   All you need is a natural bristle brush.  Amazon has a wealth of brushes available for purchase. I purchased mine at our local variety store, Fred Meyer, with a coupon.

I am quite content with the experience of natural brushing . . . however, when you begin reading into this concept of care you will find phrases like, “I follow dry brushing with a  massage oil“, and “I follow up with my fascia blaster“.

You may wish to take the experience to the next level. For me, it’s about circulation and soft skin. A reduction in cellulite, would be considered a perk.

When time permits,  I follow up with coconut oil mixed with grapefruit oil or squeeze a some citrus into the coconut oil now and then.  My usual follow up is First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair. ( I keep an eye on QVC for deals.)


beautiful mess

I love this quote from Steve Maraboli. When my “delightful chaotic” persona returns, I always write his words in my planner.

The notion of placing some of my “self-care” on the back burner has me re-working my goals for October.

October 2017:

  1. Work on centering my “functional yet easily distracted self”.
  2.  Focus on management of time. Schedule self-care.  Make more time to be with your loved ones, call them . . . get the calendar out . . . make plans.  Schedule learning time. Make time to comment on a friend’s blog post. Plant the bulbs waiting in the garage.  Paint and re-do a room.
  3.  Celebrate and savor October . . . sure you can be thinking of Christmas . . . but LIVE OCTOBER, don’t let it slip by.


Style your Thursday,



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