French Bread on Friday


From Kristi’s post this morning . . .

( Do you read French Word-a-Day? )

The Metaphysics of French & How It Connects Us

“French is a good thing to be curious about! Unlike the news, you can fill your mind with French words and phrases and not come away sick or depressed or angry. Au contraire, the more French you learn the more you can connect with others.” -Kristin Espinasse

💗🥖Pain français le vendredi!

I wish to become fluent in the language of French.

I set a goal . . . an began on September 1, 2017 . . . ( one year from my retirement date.)

My tools?

📬My subscription to “French Word-a-day ( Have subscribed for several years.)

And . . .

Language collage.jpg

🚗 . . . “auto” audio instruction!

🏥🚗 . . .  Apprendre le français, à l’intérieur de ma petite Corolla, sur le trajet aller et retour à la clinique!

The beauty of blogging is communication.

As Kristin says . . . “How it connects us”.

Another quote from her post today was when her mother read her the definition of faith . . .  “Faith is the substance of things hoped forthe evidence of things not seen.”

Merci, Kristin.

Happy French Bread Friday, dearest readers and friends.

I wish you a weekend of faith, hope, love and fun!

de foi!



de plaisir!



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  1. Lynne,
    Another inspiring post… bon chance with learning French. You are well on your way of being fluent! For me, I will only know a few key words and phrases for traveling and sprinkling in my writing.


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