French Bread on Friday!

🍷🥖 Au Revo!r week two . . . October 2017!

The weather is pure October now.

Blustery . . .

Rain dropping . . .

This morning, the clearest, freshest air has returned to nip my nose.

Grabbed a blanket scarf!

Here for the chat!

Just one more work day ahead.

No complaining . . .

Just exhaling . . . and exclaiming.

Dieu merci, c’est vendredi!

💗California . . . Santa Rosa . . . Napa Valley . . .You are in my thoughts and prayers.

🔥So very frightening.

💔So very sad.

The difficult days and weeks of September and October . . . (thus far ), remind us it is so important that we look after each other and lift each other.  

I am among the millions who follow Joanna Gaines on Instagram.

This past week she posted . . . in her stories . . . herself and her girls dancing in the dim light of their barn to the soundtrack from LA LA LAND!

It was amazingly sweet.


When was the last time you danced?


For me, it was July 1st at Jay and Camille’s wedding.

This morning, as soon as I “hang up” here, I am hitting an 8 minute jam on Xfinity, and will ask Alexa to play some La La Land for me as I tidy 34 before my shower.  ( I confess,  I haven’t seen the movie.)

🏈🍕🍺Tonight, our  #8 ranked Cougs play the Golden Bears of California. We’ll be hunkered in . . . cozy . . .  with pizza . . . in our softies. 

We are entering the weekends at home when we feel best in freshly-fluffed, comfortable . . . SOFT clothing!

If ever there was a shirt for a French bread Friday at home . . .

FBoF 13
Au Revo!r Sweatshirt :: Nordstrom

. . . it’s this “Au Revo!r” softie I spied on the Nordstrom website.  Super cute. (Could have my name on it!)

🍻 Cliquez!

C’est vendredi!


I am on a clean and organize Saturday so I can read . . . read . . . read on Sunday roll for the weekend. 

Reading in soft clothes . . . maybe even a Sunday afternoon nap while dinner simmers inside the Le Creuset.

Sunday Flannel Shirt :: Nordstrom   📖 Grace not Perfection :: Emily Ley

🥂 Cliquez!

“Life is full of little pleasures!”

I love that we have this platform reassure each other about the goodness in life and share the art of simply living.

Wishing you a SOFT and cozy weekend!

“au revo!r”



  1. Snap. The last time I danced was at my daughter’s wedding in February this year. Music and movement can be extremely uplifting and also soothing. The Gaines family must be the most loved and watched family in the world. Bisous, Elizabeth

  2. Lynne, great post! I loved the music in La La Land. When we get together with our kids we always turn the music on and dance. I feel like I’m in my 20’s again. Music does wonders for the soul!
    Hugs, Jody ♥

  3. Lynne,
    When was the last time I danced? Way too many years ago with extended family celebrating a milestone birthday for my brother-in-law. More of a group dance than a partner dance… 🙂


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