Happy Halloween!

White Linen Cube Halloween

🐓🕸🖤 This year, it’s not the usual Halloween portrait of 34, yet the place holds it’s charm.

We’re “Uncarved”.

( The first year I haven’t carved a jack – o – lantern in . . . decades! )

(I am OK with it.)

It’s all about the kiddos and tonight’s candy gifting!  We should be receiving a good crowd as the forecast is clear.

Mr D is will be grilling marinated duck as I hand out the sugar.

👍 Today, the dress code is lifted at the clinic, allowing me to wear my cozy over-sized black bulky-knit sweater with leggings and boots. In leu of orange . . . I’m accessorizing in tones of copper and bronze.

This. Day. Is. Gorgeous!!!!

A perfect day to dress up and play in God’s confetti on His Autumn party carpet!

w / L

🖤 Links to today’s inspiration / mood board:

Modern Calligraphy by Alane Gianetti

Free People Brooklyn Flatform

Orange Cockscomb – Alyssa Rosenheck photography – Memphis Estate

Boo! – I phone wallpaper ideas via Pinterest

Rooster Gicleé



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