Style The Day.

Nov 7 collage.jpg

❄❄❄We are “w i n t e r i z e d” up here in the Pacific Northwest. The earliest snowfall since 1973 fell over the weekend.  It’s gone now, and a clear sunrise, with a view of Mt. Rainier greets me this morning.

( . . . a pink, iridescent 🍦 ice cream cone.)

I uncovered my Winter trench.  It’s a Bill Blass from 1985. Black . . . not Khaki like the image above.  I paid what I consider a small fortune for it at Nordstrom back in my fashion days.  I vowed I would wear it ’til I die. ( 😘 I believe I justified my conscience of the purchase 25 years ago.)


A trench coat over anything is elegant.

Re-fashion the collection of a lifetime.

Style the day.

w / L


  1. Lynne,
    I’m still wearing my London Fog raincoat bought over 25 years ago from an outlet mall in Maine. It is a subtle maroon/burgundy print with a zip-out quilted lining that I still love today. It, too, cost a lot even at outlet prices, but I also rationalized I would wear it for a lifetime.

    We had our first freeze Oct. 20, which was a month before our average first freeze date. The temperatures returned to normal within a couple of days.

    The navy blue and white buffalo plaid throw is calling my name.


  2. A beautiful, classic trench coat is always a good look…That snow…wow… Priscilla was delayed all day trying to fly into Seattle because of it. I guess it was unexpected and the airport wasn’t ready? Enjoy your lovely, colorful fall days and waking up to the gorgeous sight of Mt Rainier!
    XOXO Mary

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