French bread on Friday.

🌦🥖🍽 Bonjour Friday!

This past week I was very touched when I visited the site of  The French Laundry.

If you have followed me for awhile, you know I love to visit the site. I sometimes print the beautiful menus and images for personal use . . . gift wrapping, tags, inspiration, motivation and decor.

I am always charmed by a beautifully styled menu.

To me a menu is art!


You have seen my chandelier.  ( I love them wine stains and all.)

I visited The French Laundry site on Veterans Day and found . . .


I screen shot it and kept it as my phone wallpaper this past week.

vets day.png
I styled my Veterans Day 2017 and saved it to share with you today.

close pin I follow The French Laundry here too!

To Thomas Keller and company, thank you for this lovely tribute to Veterans Day!

Thank you veterans and thank you to those who are serving us now.

“🥖 Bringing you French bread on Friday.”



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