Style Turkey Day.

happy thanksgiving.JPG

☕🦃💗 Happy Thanksgiving  b e a u t i f u l s !

Like most mammas I am up early.

. . . here on the west coast of America taking a few minutes, with coffee, to view New York City at work 🎈🎄🎈stylin’ this day of tradition for all.

Can’t wait for the🍗turkey . . . and the first sight of 🎅Santa Claus!

One of the many blessings of this day is Mr D and I have only appetizers and sides to assemble. Chrislyn and Jason have graciously hosted Thanksgiving Day since they married.

Mr D has spent two days preparing the duck for the poppers and the skewers.  I have only sweet potatoes and a salad of greens to bring to dinner.

Jay and Camille are hosting their first Thanksgiving dinner in Boise.  We will likely be at their table next year.

The image above is the centerpiece on the little farm table upstairs, next to the kitchen.  Our local grocer always offers pretty herbs (💓 potted in a French-country-style wired basket ) this time of year.  I arrange the herbs with root vegetables and onions to make a mini indoor potager for the picking.

While I was purging and tidying up the desk yesterday morning, I found the little “T” tag and tucked it into the pretty velvet pumpkins I won from this beautiful blog friend several years ago. The pumpkins bring a sense of elegance and lovely memories from my early blogging days.

Mr D is up.  He will soon be headed to Steve’s traditional Thanksgiving morning biscuits and gravy, while I cook and take peeks at the parade, before heading off to appetizers at 2 . . . and turkey dinner.

🥂To family . . . friends . . . and all of the traditions and rituals of this day!

🍽 I wish you all a best – blessed turkey day!



  1. Lynne,
    Happy Thanksgiving, my stylist inspiration. I can always count on your posts to provide beautiful designs, many of which I have never seen before seeing them here. As I count my blessings today, you are on the list.


    1. Jody, Thank you for always being here. I missed this yesterday . . . I was planting in my garden on Thanksgiving!!! A first for me! Inspired by you. The best of blessings to you and your family too!

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