French bread on Friday.

☔☕🥖Bonjour December!

White Linen Cube Sharp 12 -1-17.jpg

This simple morning ritual of styling a board is slowly becoming the cornerstone of my day. As soon as Mr D leaves for the bus, I throw a load of wash in, pour a cup of coffee . . . and style my little story.

As you can see by the image above, I have a habit of turning walls into collages.  My walls are layered with stories. (Maybe a little too many 😘.)

This morning I am sipping . . . frothed coffee . . .

Have I told you about my milk frother?  Found it last year . . . here.    

I keep a shaker of cinnamon and sugar . . . a shaker of sugar mixed with a splash of pumpkin pie spice . . . and . . .  I need to make a fresh batch of  Emilie’s (The Clever Carrot) recipe for vanilla sugar! Emilie’s recipe, makes a lovely host/hostess gift this time of year.

The sugar blends are good  to have on hand to sprinkle a top frothed coffee and oatmeal.

On an occasional Friday, I sprinkle a little atop a slice of fresh or toasted buttered French baguette . ( petite portion, of course)

(The lettered quote on today’s board is from the very talented Janne at Mint Ordinary.)

❄ 🥖 Happy ❄ sugared ❄ sprinkles ❄ on ❄ French ❄bread ❄ Friday!

💌 w/L

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