French bread on Friday.

🌟🌨🌞 ☕ Bonjour FboF!

Loving the wake ups to fog frosts that turn into bright sunshine at lunch all week long.

. . . with the one exception of oh so icy roads on the way to the clinic.

White Linen Cube Sharp 12-8.jpg

Most of us know how to make it.  I learned by watching my mama.

Once made with the “real deal”, I never went back to the days of Wonder Bread.

Click “ici” for “Weekend French Toast”.

Sometimes I substitute the rum with a renowned apple brandy.


🎵🥖Play French Toast Bread any way you wish . . . a “Food 52” trio.


. . . or an Oklahoma farm girl’s choir casserole” . . . (French: diminutive of casse, from Provençal cassa “pan”[1]).

“Alexa”, play “The First Noel” . . .




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