Styling 2018.

☕🎀Hello friends, and readers who I may not know yet!

Happy New Year!


I just realized . . .

. . . it’s been almost a month since I have been on the blog.

I may go a little bit random today.

Bless you for listening.

Mr D and I caught the worst virus over Christmas week.  Yesterday,  I went back to work at the clinic. It was determined I likely had walking pneumonia. Doctor P. ordered up a breathing treatment, and some antibiotics. Last night, I slept well and am beginning to get my strength back.  I didn’t make it quite through the entire work day, yesterday.

I am optimistic for today.

real deal
:: Image from last Summer ::

For 2018, I am blending some shades of pink into the mix here on 34. Mainly in the kitchen and the dining room upstairs adjacent to the kitchen.

You all know there is quite a bit of red in our kitchen . . . mostly from the display of our collection of Le Creuset.  (The corner has already changed a bit since this image last Summer.)  I plan to edit the “stuff” on the pegs. Re-work the wall. Perhaps a large painting, or a graphic.

Mr D bought me a new set of All Clad cookware to compliment the Le Creuset.  His interest in cooking has grown over the past few years. He has learned to appreciate quality cookware, which is good for me!


I found a 2.2 x 6 runner with shades from pink to fuchsia to red at for $39.09.  I am so pleased with the quality.  The rug arrived prettier than it’s picture.

. . . and for 40 $$$$ it plays fun little update . . . adding just the right touch of rosé and “bohémien” to the kitchen.

My very first apartment was Boho.  I shopped the Scandinavian design stores on Capitol Hill. (Keegs and Del Teet were my favorite stores . . . and at that time, located only on the waterfront, Pier One Imports.)  Keegs is no longer. Del Teet moved to Bellevue. Pier One is now everywhere. I still have the dresser I purchased at Del Teet.  I bought it when I was 19. It’s solid mid-century style teak.  When I re-do our bedroom, I will share it.

. . . and speaking of age.

I’ll be 66 soon.

Yep.  This year brings a BIG change.  It begins with the letter “R“. (Not sure I am ready.)

R” brings a fixed income.

I am . . . contemplating some kind of small business . . . or part time work in an artful environment.

I am also on a quest to continue to simplify and refresh each room here on 34. My goal is to be frugal and use what I already have for most of the changes.

I have selected Emily Ley as my go to girl for 2018.

Her book.

Her planner.

I began to apply some of the principals from her book before Christmas.  I felt the difference.  Purging feels good.  Purging buys time.  At my age, every instant of time is precious.

And now that I am at “precious” . . .

In just a little less than 30 days, we anticipate the arrival of our new granddaughter!

Chrislyn and Jason will be a party of 6.

The date is set for “Groundhog Day”!

I LOVE Groundhog Day!

My grandmother and I always celebrated the day.

Then . . . came the movie.


With tongue in cheek, I told Jason he should play “I Got You Babe”  on the way to the hospital.

Mr D and I will be with the “grands” for the arrival and the weekend.

In honor of this “precious” event . . .

pink chandy

. . . I have been adding pink to our funky chandelier.  This year it will be perpetual French calendar!


Time flew this morn!

Got to get to the clinic!


Play “I’ve Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher.

“They say we’re young and we don’t know . . . won’t find out untillll we grow.” (Visualizing myself in those hip-hugger bell-bottoms at age 13. We were cool . . . me, Carla, Cat, Pat and Nancy!)


I got you, babe.



    1. Thank you, Judy. Gosh. I don’t know. A designer made a few styles for me to play with on my blog a few years ago. Her name is Katie Almazan at Paper Gold Co. Thank you for visiting today! Have a wonderful weekend!

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