French bread on Friday.

☕ Bonjour Friday!

. . . and goodbye walking pneumonia!

What a heck of a way to begin a new year.  Right?

french cup.JPG

This was my spot.

Coffee before work.

. . . and hot tea after.

No energy.

This morning, I was captivated by the Instagram stories of The Cook’s Atelier in Beaune, France.

I visit their site quite often on my French bread Fridays . . .

They are coming here in April.  It’s nowhere near me . . . but dreams and virtual travel are free.

. . . and better yet one can style their dreams . . . can they not?


2018 holds amazing for me.

I cannot wait to share what is ahead.

Now that I have my health and energy back, I will be purging and reorganizing all of the Christmas decor on the downstairs dining gathering room table.  Yes, it’s still there . . . neatly waiting for me.

I hope you enjoy your journeys to France and Tennessee via 34th Street today.  Both places hold bright ideas, inspiration and dreams.

I will meet you at here in-between blog posts!

Have a best – blessed day and weekend!


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  1. So glad you are feeling better! I am daydreaming of The Cooks Atelier as well….raspberry tarts…hmmmm

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