Style the day.

⭐🌧I have so been looking forward to this weekend!

I have my healthy self back and am ready to clean up the remnants of Christmas 2017.

This morning, I scrubbed and rearranged my kitchen counter tops.  As I polished the beautiful copper cookie jar given to me by Chrislyn, Jason and the kiddos, (on Christmas 2016), I was reminiscing about my grandmother’s cookie jar.

grandma's cookie jar

It looked like this.

She kept it in her pantry.

I loved her pantry. It was a walk-in with a window.  It had open shelving.  She trimmed

shelf edging.jpg
:: etsy ::

the open shelves with shelf edging.  Women “styled” their pantries pretty. The look above is reminiscent of the 40’s.  Later she shifted to a simpler edging.


I am so lucky my grandmother’s cookie jar was always filled for the reach!


This morning, I styled my jar with a star that flew here from France.

. . . and filled it with fresh sliced and toasted biscotti.  ( I saved a loaf in the freezer from Christmas.)

Saved . . . for this rainy day.


Play “Catch A Falling Star” by Perry Como!

Grandma loved Perry Como.   “He’s Italian” . . . she would say.  (Grandma was Italian.)

Remembering the reach.

Reminding to reach.



  1. I just love visiting your blog and especially loved the Grandma memories – these are priceless as are your thoughts. Thank you! ps…I added your blog to my Blog Roll so others can enjoy your online loveliness too!

  2. Memories of grandmothers – mine had a weakness for ice cream. I remember her in their Tampa home at the dining table with my Great Aunt Esther with their bowls of butter pecan. “We’ll start our diets tomorrow”….giggles as the thoroughly enjoyed putting it off one bowl at a time.

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