French bread on Friday.

2 MAR 18.jpg

🥐☕🌦Hello again, FboF!

( I have missed you! )

Today, I return to celebrate this little ritual of intentional living for me . . . for the share.

I am sipping on a lighter version of “Chocolat Chaud” as I write this morning.  Here is a recipe for the real deal.  💗Merci! 🥖 Merci, Dorie Greenspan!

March came in like a lamb.

☀ 💖 Oh  . . . sunny . . . yesterday!

It was hair day! (  . . actually at 6 pm after the clinic.)

When I spied the sun, I styled it up a bit.

A skirt.

Black tights.

Coffee in a teacup.

Inspired by . . .

The Instagram feed of  Papillonnage.


Papier and mots most exquisite.


This image makes me wish to draw ( and sing ) my own version of blue bells . . .

Blue Bells Cockle Shells

Somehow it also transported me to childhood folk songs.

When I memorized my first ” mots français” as I sang . . .

Sur le Pont d'Avignon.png

Perhaps it was then, I fell in love with the language.


Papillon Papillonage

Ready . . . set . . . Style the days of Mars!

A meal for loved ones in celebration of the new month.

Set the “art table” for 4.

Start the seeds!  Style the start pretty.

Put the “Baileys” next to the coffee pot on “St. Patrick’s Day”! ( It’s on Saturday, so it’s all good!)

(Easter is early this year.)

Enter the bunnies.

Style the faux eggs in semi-hidden places.

Bring in the lily.  Pot it artful and beautiful for His “rise”!

The traditional shortbread eggs . . . cellophane wrapped and tagged with “lapins dorés”!





Teach them the folk songs while dancing in circles.

🥖 w/ L

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