Style the day.

🌤 Hello W E E K E N D !

💗Hello B E A U T I F U L S !

. . . taking a break from purging and cleaning.  I poured a BIG glass of ice water with  a few drops of essential oils.

🍶  Here to meet you for a drink!


😘 Insert “FRENCH” . . .  ( You KNOW me!  ) Love the works of Gilles Pouchèle :: POETIC FOODING :: Lille, France.

3 MAR 18

March came in like a sweet lamb . . . 

Today is sunny and bright . . . just a few clouds.  Mount Rainier was like a pink ice cream cone at sunrise this morning.  ( Yes, I am always up before sunrise . . . even on the weekend.)  That may change come September . . . we’ll see. Mr D and I have been up at the crack of dawn or before for almost 45 years.

As I viualized the March lamb, I immediately thought of Doré at Burlap Luxe.  How sweet are her Cartapeste sheep and lambs?  The first image into my frame for today.

page break


After cleaning . . . spa at home.

Then off to buy a baguette!

We agreed on a simple dinner of a traditional Bruschetta and my mix of shrimp, EVOO, with finely chopped garlic, basil, cilantro, jalapeño, dill . . . lime, sea salt, pepper flakes and a splash of balsamic or white wine vinegar.  It’s sort of a toss it together.  Maybe I will leave out the jalapeño . . . and add fresh parmesean, kitchen freestyle!


I am keeping an eye out for the perfect white “grocery store” orchid to style between the two “belly baskets” on top of the black cupboard. I may also go with white tulips.  It may appear a bit boring here and now. I am in a “clean slate” state of mind.

page break

Tomorrow the kids are coming for brunch after church.  They are now a family of six. Brooklyn is already ONE month old.   They bring such joy to life.

They are sweetest little lambs!

Welcome March 2018!

w / L




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