Style the day :: simple and spiritual!

20 MAR 18

“Hold your dreams with open hands.”

“Let go of what no longer fits.”

20 Mar 18 a.JPG

🌤 ☕🐑 🎨🖌 Lent has lifted me.  I needed to do something a bit more mindfully intentional than giving up chocolate and not eating meat on Friday.

The season inspired me to read more faith based books, and step away from the commercially charged feeds.

I discovered “The Next Right Thing”.

. . . and have now gifted myself “simple, spiritual Tuesdays”.

20 Mar 18 c.jpg

I have woven my notes from today’s podcast into this post. Emily Freeman’s words,  “en chartreuse” . . .  yes . . . inspired by #29.

20 Mar 18 b.JPG

“Let the dreams take a new shape.”

Letting go is to . . .

“Make room for something good.”

I so look forward to my Tuesday mornings.

(I will let you in on a little secret. I listen to Emily with a cleansing masque on my face.)

(How did she know I am so drawn to the color chartreuse?)

I have also woven her books into my lifestyle.

Today is GORGEOUS in the Pacific Northwest of America.  March has been a lamb.

Happy Spring 2018 readers!

“The ART is alive within you.”

God’s art!

Have a best-blessed day!


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