About 34


SEP 19 2017 – Dreams On 34th Street is my simple little journal of muses found to style my day, with an occasional serving of French Bread and Family.

I am playing with a new format. It’s a work in process as I build this site on my own.

Thank you for you for reading and your friendships.


w / L

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Lynne,

    Its great to be back in touch. I love the new look of your site, or perhaps the look isn’t as “new” as I think!
    Life has thrown my family a number of unexpected challenges during the last few years – as it tends to do – but hopefully I’m back in the saddle again and will be able to re acquaint myself with past blogging friends and re establish some of my favourite past-times.
    There are so many great posts that I’ll have to catch up on at 34th Street!



  2. i love your About page and the idea of joining you on your journey as an everyday stylist. You have a exquisite eye for beauty and you express it in your love for home, family and friends. So happy to be one of your followers!

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