Saturday Shelfie! {A Play Flower Shop Day!}

Hellooooooooooooooo Beautifuls! Mr D. just poured me a cup of coffee.  We are up beyond early. It’s 3:58am as I begin. The shelfie image  (above) is from 2013.   The floral scene, featured by Gardenista, calls for “off on the wall” fun. “Let’s all just play florist today and leave our computers home!” What threw me back to 2013, was this post , […]

My journey to “a local brilliance”, with a little nostalgia along the way. . .

Hellooooo   Bea. . . u . . . ti . . . fuls! One of the things I LOVE about blogging is when you share shops, fairs, restaurants and the special places you go near where you live.  It allows me to travel and be inspired in my pj’s! I hope to bring you to some of the […]