Saturday Shelfie! {A Play Flower Shop Day!}

Hellooooooooooooooo Beautifuls! Mr D. just poured me a cup of coffee.  We are up beyond early. It’s 3:58am as I begin. The shelfie image  (above) is from 2013.   The floral scene, featured by Gardenista, calls for “off on the wall” fun. “Let’s all just play florist today and leave our computers home!” What threw me back to 2013, was this post , […]

Alexa! Play “Love Is All Around”!

With the news of Mary Tyler Moore’s passing, I streamed a couple of episodes from “The WJM News Room” last night. Loved her. It is ironic that yesterday morning,  a dear friend and I were talking about how her character influenced our generation.  It came up as we shared concerns about a growing number of young women,  starting their […]

Clean Mama : “Every Day A Little Something”. . . May God bless you Becky!

My mantra for 2017 is . . . “Simplify and Savor”! This may sound bizarre, but the light did not truly go on inside my brain until I sat down to Christmas dinner! It was the best Christmas dinner EVER! Mr D and I worked it together!    but . . .this year was different. Last year […]