It’s time for that seven day . . .

. . . cleanse.

:: Camille Styles 7 Day Cleanse ::

Hello beautifuls!

I know I didn’t tell you that Mr D and I had one wallop of a flu bug hit us last week.

With the wedding just weeks away, I am determined to keep health and glow a priority as I address my list of projects to complete before departing for Boise three weeks from today!

The 7 day cleanse above is from Camille Styles’ blog.  I won’t likely follow it to the “letter”, but bless her for making clean eating easy and approachable by making me a shopping list.  I plan to print it today, and be ready to go on Saturday morning.

I did not nearly lose the weight I wished to have lost, yet adding the exercise I did has made me stronger, popped me down one size . . . and has removed all . . . and I mean ALL of the aches of a 65-year-old woman.  ( I do not feel or act my age.)  In my mind’s eye . . . I am 45.  It’s a very respectable mind’s eye age to linger around until 90. By then, I may kick it up to 50.  (  . . . and this does not mean I cannot act like a grandmother, because . . . I DO!)

I am ready for that “once in a lifetime” dance.  Jay can even take it to a “two-step” if he wishes.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to watch him fitted for his wedding suit at Nordstrom Bellevue Square.

He is so handsome.  I am such a blessed and proud “Mama Bear”.  ( That’s what he calls me.)


Suited ready to wed her!

w / L

Back from Boise!

Hello . . . B e a u t i f u l s !

Happy Tuesday!

Back from Boise

I am back from Boise! ( When I arrived, it was 30 days until WEDDING DAY!)


Jay and his father in law to be had just finished installing a sprinkler system and sod. Since Jay and I crossed paths, ( he now home on the coast for a few days), I captured an image of his new back lawn in full sprinkler mode and texted it to him. Their new home is beautiful.  The workmanship is lovely.

The trend in new urban sprawl construction brings larger homes on standard lots, so yards are smaller. As you can see, a new foundation is being poured close behind. A trend I am quite envious of . . . ?   COVERED PATIOS!   I hope to share more images of their new home when we travel back for the wedding.

. . . and speaking of  The Wedding!

The main reason I was in Boise was to attend Camille’s family and friends shower.

Shower 1

The event was held at her parents home.

shower 2

It was fun to both to re-acquaint, and to meet new family and friends.  I look forward to seeing them all again on wedding day.

Shower 3.JPG
Camille, Britney and baby “E”.

Camille’s Mom and sister Britney hosted the shower.  The youngest attendee was Camille’s new niece, who arrived the end of April.


We are in FULL WEDDING MODE right now!  Here’s a sneak peek at my dress! It has an “elevated bohemian vibe”. I will share the story of how I found it in my size at a department store in Iowa when I reveal the dress after the wedding. I am taking it to be altered tomorrow.  The colors of the wedding are blush and blue.

Jay went 0 for 3 at the Emmys, yet is was a fun evening with his colleagues at Fremont Studios.  

He felt so deeply honored to be nominated and see his name among a field of Pacific Northwest Legends.  Legends who are the very journalistic souls who sparked his desire to pursue the career when he was a small boy.


It’s already time to hit the shower and head to the clinic!

It is one glorious morning here. Mt Rainier is outside my window looking like a blushing pink ice cream cone.

On a clear day, I can always count on her perfect greeting!

me and camille (1).jpg

w / L

Do you want to build a tool box?


Rester simple. ⇔ Keep. It. Simple.

Hello beautifuls!   Our laptop has been back from repair for a little over a week. Sadly, the hard drive needed to be replaced, so Mr D has been working to get it up to speed once again. Fortunately we had purchased it only 6 months ago, so we didn’t lose too much. Unfortunately . . . it only performed six months before malfunctioning.  As I stated in a previous post, this will be our last Dell computer. If Mr D had not purchased an additional maintenance plan, we would be out hundreds of dollars right now.


Done ranting.

The good in all of this is . . .

. . . during its absence we finally bit the bullet and purchased iPhones. The phones were a good distraction.

I have a confession, while the computer was malfunctioning and gone, I began listening to podcasts on my new phone.  ( I have been craving a little direction. )

The BIG news is . . .



Shower 1

Tonight, after work, I will be heading to SEA-TAC to catch a flight to Boise.  Camille’s family shower is tomorrow.  After the shower, I have a final meeting for the rehearsal dinner, and will pop into the hotel where all of our guests are staying.  On Sunday, Camille’s mom, Stephanie and I will hang out and do “wedding stuff”, as Camille has to work. I fly home Sunday night.


Jay and I will cross paths.  He and a crew are driving to Seattle today.  The Regional Emmy Awards are tomorrow night.  He’s up for three Emmy’s this year.  ( I just had to say something . . . I’m a proud mom. )

He will be home with Mr D and I for a few days before he departs with his buddies to Chicago. It should be no surprise to those of you who have read me for a while . . . His bachelor weekend is going to be centered at Wrigley Field.

With so much on my plate, and . . . to refrain from being entirely overwhelmed, I put together a little tool box of faith, mind, spirit, family, self-care and fashion.  I keep it on my mirrior in my bathroom, and on the front page of my current journal.

:: Summer Toolbox ::

  1. Prayer :: Good intentions
  2. Mr D.
  3. Family
  4. Exercise :: 6am – 4 days a week.
  5. Good for me us food :: Meal planning
  6. Water . . . more water!
  7. Keep the layered “Bob” with bangs :: Moroccan oil
  8. Lipstick :: Lashes :: Blush :: Bronzer
  9. Dry brush ::  First Aid Beauty :: Radiance oil
  10. Fragrance: J’Adore, right now.
  11. Favorite jeans :: old blue . . . add white.
  12. A crisp white blouse or . . . a pop on of anything light-linen or bohemian.
  13. Anything “maxi” right now!
  14. Painted toes / slip ons
  15. Work :: Read :: Learn :: Create
  16. Make the homefront clean and pretty.
  17. A good night’s sleep :: every hour before midnight = 2.

Writing things down helps me as I age.  Sadly notions and thoughts slip from my mind more often than before.

I wish you a happy weekend!

Got to go! I need to pack!

To the clinic and to Boise!


Où est le printemps? Où est le soleil?

Hello Beautifuls!

flower ceilings.jpg
:: ici ::

How are you?

The image above was my absolute favorite find while tumbling on my new iPhone on our way home from British Columbia a couple of weeks ago.

It sparked an idea, which I will share in the future as I plan to makeover a room in our home which will double as a guest room / studio.

I have been “lesser in blog land”  for several reasons . . .

Our laptop, purchased a little more than six months ago,  is limping along in a state of disrepair.  It’s home for a few days before we ship it out for another diagnoses. We have always owned and have been pleased with Dell laptops . . . until now.  The contractor Dell selected to service their laptops is deceitful.  I also caution you from purchasing computer equipment from Costco.  Their customer service department employs nice people who have little or no power to resolve problems.  This will likely be our last Dell purchase, and our last purchase of a computer product from Costco.

My mind and spirit are focused on Jay and Camille’s wedding in less than two months and my Mom and Dad.  They have been “trooping it ” through some health issues recently. I believe they are in a good state at present.

I have also been moving more and blogging less.  I am at a desk over eight hours a day in the clinic, so the extra two or three I was spending at home in the morning and evening was contributing to a ” way too sedentary” lifestyle.  Add my passion for French bread and pasta . . .

I just had my physical.  The moving is working. I love how I feel.

I have found most of you on Instagram which allows me to catch up and keep up with you when I am on the go!

The sunshine has been missing from our little corner of America.  Our missing Spring is the “talk of the town”.

Last week I was drawn to purchasing yellow flowers.

:: ici ::

Alexa! Play “Soak Up The Sun” by Sheryl Crow!

Singing in my own kind of sunshine . . .


French Bread on Friday . . . “Un fushion de la mode et de la nourriture.”

Hello Beautifuls!

Today I share a little whimsy and history of me.

All That She Wants  is  . . .  Une fusion de style français et japonais! 

Not me . . .

Isn’t she lovely?

Back in the late 70’s  . . . early 80’s, I was a fashion jewelry buyer.  I would travel to NYC several times a year.  The first night in Manhattan was a Sunday night.  (Market would begin on Monday morning.) Sunday evenings in Manhattan were divine for walking after the long flight from the west coast. We would often dine at La Maison Japonaise at 39th and Lexington.   The food was my first experience with  “fusion food”.

Back then the big trends were . . .

Français / Japonais . . .

Chino / Latino . . .

Fusion cuisine is cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions. Cuisines of this type are not categorized according to any one particular cuisine style and have played a part in innovations of many contemporary restaurant cuisines since the 1970s. )

The owners of the restaurant were two Japanese chefs and a friendly maître d’ of Irish decent. The most popular dish on the menu was their Chicken Flambé.  I never was able to get the recipe. However we would confirm suspected ingredients with the friendly maître d’.  The chicken was lighted breaded with a pinch cinnamon. The sauce had cream, mushrooms,  and Madeira wine in it.  It was served on a light bed of  bean sprouts. 

The restaurant closed in 1996, but it’s memory still lingers with me until this day.

To fusions of fashion and food!

Happy Mothers Day!


( Still without a laptop . . . composing from my office in the clinic at lunch. )

Taking stock . . .

real not perfect
:: Jenny Highsmith Calligraphy ::

Hello beautifuls!

It’s the first real “sunny and clear” morning of Spring 2017 in the Pacific Northwest of America.

A day when you open the blinds and the word “unbelievable” fills your mind.

I am easing myself back into blogging.

(I may have fallen out of blog love for a while.)

A limping laptop.

Guilt as in  . . . I should be spending more time cleaning . . . moving.

Perhaps a bit overwhelmed with . . . there is so much out there . . . and . . . I cannot always keep up with my visits, comments and reciprocals.


Last Sunday, Mr D and I were driving and reflecting.  We saw a something . . . ( I can’t even remember what it was ) . . . whatever it was . . . it was way beyond our means.  His silence . . . ( I knew what he was thinking ) . . .

What I do remember were my words of consolation to him.  “It’s our wildest dreams that have given us what we cherish today.”

Then I thought of a quote by Carl Sandberg.

“Nothing happens until at first we dream!” 

There is no harm in dreaming big.

. . . and it is no secret that dreams are contagious.

They can spread like wildfire!

I thought about starting over . . .  changing the name of my blog.

Then I thought . . .


I write from a place filled with dreams.

A place where so many dreams have come true.

A place where Mr. D and I have propelled two amazing “American Dreams”  into the world who have multiplied into seven – so – far!

“Dreams On 34th Street!”

34 is not perfection.

It’s a little place on a very “funky mix match street” where when you open the door . . . your likely to get hit by a dream.

I’m back.

More often.

Real not perfect.

“Who let the dreams out?”

Me . . . and YOU too!

w / L

French Bread on Friday . . . One of my favorite recipes for stress!

Hello Beautifuls!

Happy Friday!

Happy weekend – to – be!

I must keep it short and sweet until I get my laptop back from repair . . . shhhhhhh . . . I’m at lunch at work . . .

I felt the need to share something French.

I am currently immersed in Patricia Wells newest book.

Patricia Wells

Reading it is like going to class in France!

She cuisine’s with a world view!

My physician asked me . . . “Lynne, what do you do relax and relieve stress?”

One of my answers . . .

“I wake up, pour a coffee and jump into a master chef cookbook.”

Ah ha!

Partager ma propre recette principale pour soulager le stress . . .

w / L