Saturday “Shelfie” !

Happy weekend!

It’s a THREE DAY for Mr. D and me.

Today is the icing on the cake to a week that included my birthday.

The kids are bringing me breakfast . . . donuts from Chucks and an egg-bake . . .

. . . cannot wait!

Part A?


Looking at it this way . . .

Next year . . . at this time . . . a promotion . . .

. . . from ” weekday care facilitator” to full-time “stylist of living”!

The word “retirement” is not in my DNA.

This week’s “shelfie” . . .

. . . is adorable!


The image shamed me a bit, as The Chocolate Gousse’s place setting is sweet but not nearly as chic as Finn’s.


Finn belongs to Sara Gibson at Room For Tuesday.  I was introduced to Sara via Melinda at House 214 Design.

The shelf detail reminded me of my grandparent’s home.

The last time I was in my grandmother’s house was 30 years ago.

However . . .

grandma's 3.jpg

Recently Grandma and Grandpa Bozzello’s home was on the market.

I found images on Zillow.


I made a board and pinned.  I apologize about the quality of the photographs, but you can grasp the idea about the shelf / room dividers, I remember.  Grandma kept pretty plants on the shelves. She was a master gardener, inside and out. Most of her camellias, rhododendrons and various rockery plants are still alive and thriving.


We would B-line through the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and into the pantry . . .

. . . straight to her Lustro Ware cookie jar.  It was ALWAYS full!


(Sadly, the pantry is gone.)

Thank you, Zillow for taking me back to grandma’s.  I encourage you to visit Zillow.  Enter an address from your past . . . you might find wealth of memories waiting for you!


Saturday “Shelfie” !

“Top Shelf”


B e a u t i f u l s !  

How are you on this Saturday?

It’s been a week.

The BIG GAME did not disappoint. While the boys put the cap on the season, eight inches of snow fell.

Some weeks are more challenging than others. This week fit clearly into the challenging and frustrating category at work.

I feel blessed to have my family, friends, my styling a collection of a lifetime project and this creative outlet to divert my attention We had a little a saying around here when the kids were growing up  . . .  “It’s not all lollipops and gumdrops!”  . . . the words always drew a smile, and made me think of Sammy Davis Jr singing “Candy Man”.

“Who can take tomorrow, dip it in a dream
Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream
The Candy Man, the Candy Man can”

I actually sat in the third row at Harrah’s in Tahoe and watched him sing it when I was 19. The rest of the words are here.

Inspired as I write . . . ( often my posts transition from planned into random.)

I’ll ask “Alexa” to play it when the “Grands” sleep over in March.

(I know they will love it!)

There is always candy (and ice cream) at Grandma’s house.


. . . speaking of candy.

The sweetness of blogging is its perpetual gifting of guilt free eye candy!

“Morning Station “

I found this week’s “shelfie” inspiration on “The White Farmhouse Blog“.  Morgan’s blog reveals fresh look  into an old farmhouse.  Modern . . . rustic . . . slightly Boho.

Jumping  off the shelf . . .

A family friendly step up to clean and pretty.

. . . to take you for a peek at her bathroom vanity.

I HAVE FELT THE URGE TO “SKIRT” SOMETHING since I began blogging, six years ago! I have a Pinterest board titled “Skirting The Issue“.   I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great week!

Happy Valentines Day!

“Here, here!”

“The Candy Man makes everything he bakes satisfying and delicious
Talk about your childhood wishes, you can even eat the dishes!”


Saturday “Shelfie”!

Photo by Tony Vu

Hello Beautifuls!

Remember I left you with talk of . . . editing pounds?

Well . . . I am down 5 since Christmas.  (No bragging ’til I hit 10.)

Fueled by this positive loss, I thought . . .  why not purge a little more? So . . . the plan for the weekend is . . . 5 bags/boxes to go outta here!    . . . and as soon as I finish here . . . ( it’s 7am ) . . . a work out and two bags/boxes to go!

Hmmmm, does that make it a cool 10?

( Not to brag! )

The challenge of the weekend is . . . tonight’s yearly fundraiser for the children’s hospital crab feed and tomorrow’s Super Bowl Sunday.  ( I am already getting my mental game on . . . > crab than carbs . . . and bring the wings and crudité to The Game Place.)

So here you have it! My new Saturday feature . . .

A positive loss . . .

> crab than carbs . . .

Bring. The. Wings.

A Saturday Morning Shelfie!

The place where you will find a cool shelf, a little bit about this self or may even a feature about your – self!

Open “selfing” is so “in”!

Have a great weekend!


Start somewhere . . .

Hello bea . . . u . . . ti . . . fuls!

Happy February one!

From my Pinterest board “Creating A Timeless Feeling” inspired by Melinda @house214design.

We have lived on 34 for 37 years.

I have too much . . . “a collection of a lifetime”.

Much of it hidden, stashed . . . not utilized.

. . . in the middle of little book by Erin Loechner.  Her story validates some feelings residing in me as I approach a new chapter in my life, enabling me to embrace where I am and where I am going from different perspective. Erin marries Ken, knowing he has a brain tumor (glioma) with a median prognoses of surviving 11.6 to 16.3 years.

From my Pinterest board “Creating A Timeless Feeling”.

Please do not take this in a negative context . . . but turning 65 this month has me thinking . . . praying more about my mortality.

“Dear God, a 16.7 year survival would be a blessing!”

I have only a certain amount of time to immerse myself in my life’s passions.  There is no time to waste. Each moment in time must have a purpose . . . a productive result.

My simple, imperfect approach to blogging has been a wonderful journey for me.  Like Erin, it started as a diversion for me. (The empty nest . . . a lesser than most encounter with breast cancer.)

It was one year ago, when I moved to WordPress.  My blogging slowed down to a near halt. I kept questioning myself . . . “Were my posts becoming redundant?”  “Is the art of blogging slowing . . . ending?”  “Is this vehicle of expression consuming too much of my time?” “Has 34 lost it’s purpose?”

The answer to “Will I miss my blog friends?” was the easiest answer of all of my questions.

Yes, I will!

“Should I continue this journey?”

One Sunday morning . . . atop the antique Alabama farm table on 34 . . . when the first light of the day met the candlelight.

Dreams On 34th Street is my journey to becoming an “everyday stylist”, by taking stock, gathering, editing, renewing and rearranging  ” a collection of a lifetime” . . . with an occasional serving of French bread and family.

“She styled her collection of a lifetime with Love!”

Off to address one of my largest, most difficult to edit collections!

My pounds!



Alexa! Play “Love Is All Around”!

With the news of Mary Tyler Moore’s passing, I streamed a couple of episodes from “The WJM News Room” last night.

Loved her.

It is ironic that yesterday morning,  a dear friend and I were talking about how her character influenced our generation.  It came up as we shared concerns about a growing number of young women,  starting their families without having established a career or an enduring relationship with the father(s) of their children, often left to raise their baby or babies on their own.

(Perhaps myself or many in my generation do not “get” the new frame of thought. I know society has changed. )

At lunchtime . . . Mary was gone.

“Mary Richards” reaffirmed my goal of career before family. At the time the show began, I did not have a boyfriend. ( I was Miss Independent, ready to see the world! ) I met Mr D a couple years later.   He and I married at age 21. With two years of college under by belt, I achieved my dream career in my 20’s and gave birth to our first child two weeks before my 30th birthday. Baby #2 came 16 months after that.



Working mom!

Last night, after watching the episodes, I clicked over to facebook where I landed at another news room.



The “six o’clock”!

That’s baby #2!

Our “Sports Guy”.

With Jay’s crazy schedule, Camille ( Jay’s fiancée ) often pops in, on her way home from work, to visit and share a quick bite of dinner, as most nights he stays late to do “the news at 10”.

Jay . . . just finishing producing . . . about ready to go on the air.

(Does this photograph answer a question that may have crossed your mind now and then?)

Not knowing I was in for more sports, I clicked onto Instagram . . .


Where baby #1 is on hiatus from her political career to embrace her current role . . . (or roll?)

(After all, it is wrestling season!)

She’s a  multi-tasking mom . . . who when pinned, manages to grab a sec for a selfie!


Women view life and events from different perspectives.

I am only sharing mine.

Mary Tyler Moore embraced her role. She wasn’t decidedly feminist. Her “character”, “the TV show” and the lyrics to “Love Is All Around”,  drew criticism from Gloria Steinem and others in “the movement”.  I admired her courage not to fall into someone else’s  perceived role for her.  Her production company employed an ever-growing number of women, with emphasis on a strong representation on the team of writers, resulting in an alternative feminine approach to women’s issues.

An approach that was easily interpreted and accepted by a woman like me.

From a “Boomer” who has “MTM” imprinted on her heart.


Clean Mama : “Every Day A Little Something”. . . May God bless you Becky!

My mantra for 2017 is . . . “Simplify and Savor”!

This may sound bizarre, but the light did not truly go on inside my brain until I sat down to Christmas dinner!

It was the best Christmas dinner EVER!

Mr D and I worked it together!    but . . .this year was different.

Last year there was so much food.

The salad bowl was barely touched.

This year . . .

Individual plated greens were served . . . tossed in this . . . I promise, “winter blend”,  to die for combo.

It may sound easy – cheesie . . . and it is . . . For over twenty years, the number one requested Christmas side on 34 is my rendition of broccoli casserole. For Christmas 2016,  I baked it in two casserole dishes one for each end of the table, and served the potatoes the same “twinned” fashion, so minimum passing was required.

The Prime Rib and Mr D’s  flat carving cut ham from our smoker, ( glazed and topped with roasted apricots) . . . were sliced and set center stage.

Two meats, two sides and a simple salad . . .

. . . the compliments were woven between the bites and the dinner conversation.

( I whispered to my self . . . “Keep it simple works, Lynne.” )

With my mantra in full swing, I edited the Christmas boxes to a solid “4” this year . . . no stragglers  . . . the now four is inclusive of the two that hold the Christmas Village!

” Every Day A Little Something”


The quote in today’s post title and the images in the post are from Becky at “Clean Mama”!  She has placed me back on track with my homekeeping.  ( I am easily distracted from housework.)  I follow her “dailies” on Instagram and have adapted her monthly cleaning calendar to my planner. Most of her tools are complimentary.

best of all . . . I accomplish my “every day a little something” before I leave for the clinic.

. . . some mornings with allowed time to “Share The Muse” with all of you.

[Write it down : “Simplify & Savor”, Clean Mama –  “Every Day A Little Something” . . .]

The journey continues . . .

Thank you, Becky.

Have an amazing Tuesday, beautifuls!


A yarn about . . . Koel Stories & Koel Magazine.

Hello. . . beautifuls . . . hello!

This post is really not likely to be considered a “yarn”, as it is intended to be short and sweet!

I hope you are well and warm.  Winter 2016-17 has been a tough row to hoe in many places. It has warmed up here on 34th street. The rains have been heavy and hard. I am hoping the ground has softened up enough for a little garden bed maintenance this coming weekend.

A few years ago my mother knit some white cotton dish cloths for me. They are now nearly worn beyond use. I am planning to pick up a few skeins of white cotton yarn at a local craft store this weekend with effort to replace them.

koel 2.jpg
Koel Magazine

With my simple knitting plans imprinted into my brain,  I was diverted away from Tumblr and led to this très inspirant site for today’s share the muse.

Koel Stories – A New Standard For Yarn And Crafting – Instagram

( . . . thinking my valentines could be hearts of gold this year!)

I hope you enjoy!

w / L