Just One Pic!

When I began blogging . . . seven years ago . . . I posted a little feature now and then called ” Just One Pic”.

I still love to “play it“.

About the same time Kevin Systrom, with Mike Krieger . . . a couple of Stanford guys, must have had a similar idea.

( You know I am writing this tongue in cheek.)




Stay with me . . .

This morning, I was cruising “the gram feed” and saw . . .

march madness.jpg

this image from that amazing Savvy City Farmer,  Joy Frey Waltmire.

( I once purchased a very cool, vintage “50” yard line marker from her for Jay.)

This morning . . . that image . . . brought on a little bit of  March madness in me!

When I retire . . . I could open a sports bar.

( Those of you who have read me well, know my son is a sports broadcaster, and I have always dreamed of owning a flower and gift shop.)

But . . .

. . . a chic sports bar?

Call it . . .

“The Sports Guy’s Mom”

(“La Maman du Sportif”)

( “Press for” . . .  champagne, cool brews  . . . and bite on French bread under prisms of Friday night lights.)

Speaking of prisms . . .

Digressing . . .

I know . . . in the big scheme of things . . . perhaps trivial . . .

“What ever happened to the Waterford Crystal Football?”  ( the NCAA football championship trophy awarded 1998-2013.) It was this mom, of partial Irish decent‘s opinion, the best thing about the BCS era. (Not loving the new trophy near as much.)  I remember holding my breath when the crystal ball was passed around after the award ceremony.

Bring it back!  I need one for my sports bar!

Joy . . .

(Excuse my English . . .)

Where the H-E . . . double hockey sticks . . . did you spy the image?

Obviously . . .  Midwest “March Madness”?



It is sooooo . . . “above the rim” !


Forgive me if I seem giddy and silly . . .

This weekend, Jay, Camille and her parents will be here for the home “opener” of the wedding shower season.

To season openers!

Happy Spring 2017!

Thank YOU . . . and Joy for always feeding my dreams!


“Remove the weight from your wings!”

34 and I are slowly but surely transitioning into a lighter, more sensible arrangement. To keep myself motivated, I found this simple quote from Erin’s book, Chasing Slow, helpful. It’s presently in my daily mantra and prayer mix.

“Remove the weight from your wings.”

Holland and I at play on the “art table” last Saturday evening.

The one thing I have learned for certain . . . Simplifying buys time. Time to be used for family and the art of living . . . time to get complicated now and then. . . yet an easy transition in back to simple.

Presently we are 8 days away from “The Let’s Shower Them With Love Weekend”. Jay, Camille and her parents are coming for a short stay.  34 will be filled to its brim once again.

Gradually the kids rooms have evolved into guest rooms, with Chrislyn’s headed into the direction of my post retirement studio, and Jay’s into a sitting room, (the hide a bed is a love seat), escape from the main openness of our home. The house is a quintessential Pacific Northwest contemporary. A style very popular in the early ’80’s.  ( Do any of you remember the magazine “Metropolitan Home”?)  MH was my go to magazine back then.

met home.png I confess . . . I am very comfortable with it’s return.  Mr D and I have never let go of our original modern art pieces.  We very much embraced the culture of PNW artists when we were young.  My uncle was the founder of the Museum of Northwest Art / MoNA, in 1981.  I believe his passion for contemporary art influenced our style and decision making when we chose 34. Uncle Art and Aunt Rita had a Mark Tobey in their living room.  My heart would skip a beat every time I entered their simple bohemian in the realist sense, ( not an interpretation), home.


Yesterday, I paused a little longer at my closet. I was reminded that the a new season is only days away. After the wedding showers . . . I have marked April first for the Spring -Summer 2017 take stock, edit, renew and rearrangement of my closet and dresser.


This four season guide from The Refinery will be helpful, but I am not quite ready to embrace an entire minimalist capsule wardrobe concept. My love for fashion accessories cannot be limited to 15 pieces.


Thinking new hangers . . . and just maybe a clothes rack . . . to put “looks” together!  The thought of retiring from medical soon is catapulting me back to my fashion merchandising mindset.

Please . . . please forgive me if I am limited with posting and following for the next 108 days . . . we are in full wedding mode!  I saw a dress yesterday . . . it yelled . . . ” If you want to wear me, get your buns to the gym!”  

Oh and . . . speaking of workouts . . .

. . . the pursuit of muscle-mind memory building . . . as I “brush up” on my brush calligraphy skills!  I will be addressing the invitations very soon .  C & J  have requested my perfectly imperfect letters.


Saturday Shelfie! {A Play Flower Shop Day!}

Hellooooooooooooooo Beautifuls!

Mr D. just poured me a cup of coffee.  We are up beyond early. It’s 3:58am as I begin.


The shelfie image  (above) is from 2013.   The floral scene, featured by Gardenista, calls for “off on the wall” fun.

flower shop.jpg

“Let’s all just play florist today and leave our computers home!”

What threw me back to 2013, was this post , and it’s image from The Everygirl on Instagram. It had me swooning and once again thinking of  . . .  the always a whim of mine . . . owning and styling a flower and gift shop.  The post, timed perfectly . . . the day before my paper flower making class at Paper Delights.

I had the most wonderful time at the class.


[“#1 ” . . . it threw me back to high school . . .  with my girlfriends  . . . when we would  gather after school to make hundreds of paper flowers for our special school dances and teas. ]


Alicia served desert, and a beverage of choice. The experience was creative, colorful and so inspiring for me.  (Well worth the twenty-mile drive to and from after a full day at the clinic.)


First flowers.

There will be so many more . . .


. . . as I plan many “Let’s play flower shop and leave the computer alone days on 34!”

3:58am on a Saturday?


(Perhaps I am playing “farm girl” too!)

It’s the words!

They couldn’t wait to be cultivated.


To February . . . a Blue Valentine! . . .w/(Love)

Hello B e a u t i f u l s !

On our first anniversary, I embroidered an elephant on the pocket of his chambray shirt.

We were living on a little less than 500.00 a month, (military pay). Acquiring a collection of embroidery floss was budgeted . . . a luxury.

When the shirt no longer fit, it became Chrislyn’s kindergarten paint smock.

It’s been 43 years since I embroidered flowers on my jeans . . .

Landing here . . . directed me back to a drawer . . . and a small box holding  one of my many collections of a lifetime . . . the collection that began near our first anniversary . . . 1974.

“Bliss And Mischief”

 “You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

   ♥ Blue Valentine

(Thinking . . . February has been a lovely month.  Instead of a new life chapter, I believe I am on the inside cover of a fresh new book.)

If you stand on your tiptoes, you will see Spring!

. . . flowers . . . always!

w/ (Love)

Technically speaking . . . and flowers . . . always!


Hello  B e a u t i f u l s !

I hope you are all doing well!

As I ease myself back into a familiar blog rhythm, I must share a few of the technical difficulties I am experiencing.

As a member of Google Blogger for 5 years, commenting when visiting fellow Google bloggers was a piece of cake.  Last year, after moving to WordPress, I found that I needed to jump through a few extra hoops on some Google sites . . . which is fine . . . but on others, unless logged into Google,  I was out of luck.   ( I no longer log into Google.)

Recently, I found a remedy with my “Blogger” friends who have Instagram . . . I now visit your blog, if I cannot comment, I go to your most recent IG post and leave a comment.


I snapped a few photos of 34 last week.

I emptied the funky chandelier and cleaned it at the beginning of the month.  After cleaning,  I randomly placed hearts, X’s & O’s, cards and Valentines on it.  Not necessarily pretty . . . yet pretty fun!

Soon it will be fashioned into Spring.

Thinking . . .

Paper Delights

. . . paper flowers.

Paper Delights on Instagram . . .

Seriously . . .

. . . sipping a flute of champagne and making paper flowers at “Paper Delights” would two hours of  . . . peace on Earth!


Listen to Joanna . . .

. . . as she too, channels M. Monet who still speaks to us from his garden in Giverny and  his garden above.


Saturday “Shelfie” !

Happy weekend!

It’s a THREE DAY for Mr. D and me.

Today is the icing on the cake to a week that included my birthday.

The kids are bringing me breakfast . . . donuts from Chucks and an egg-bake . . .

. . . cannot wait!

Part A?


Looking at it this way . . .

Next year . . . at this time . . . a promotion . . .

. . . from ” weekday care facilitator” to full-time “stylist of living”!

The word “retirement” is not in my DNA.

This week’s “shelfie” . . .

. . . is adorable!


The image shamed me a bit, as The Chocolate Gousse’s place setting is sweet but not nearly as chic as Finn’s.


Finn belongs to Sara Gibson at Room For Tuesday.  I was introduced to Sara via Melinda at House 214 Design.

The shelf detail reminded me of my grandparent’s home.

The last time I was in my grandmother’s house was 30 years ago.

However . . .

grandma's 3.jpg

Recently Grandma and Grandpa Bozzello’s home was on the market.

I found images on Zillow.


I made a board and pinned.  I apologize about the quality of the photographs, but you can grasp the idea about the shelf / room dividers, I remember.  Grandma kept pretty plants on the shelves. She was a master gardener, inside and out. Most of her camellias, rhododendrons and various rockery plants are still alive and thriving.


We would B-line through the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and into the pantry . . .

. . . straight to her Lustro Ware cookie jar.  It was ALWAYS full!


(Sadly, the pantry is gone.)

Thank you, Zillow for taking me back to grandma’s.  I encourage you to visit Zillow.  Enter an address from your past . . . you might find wealth of memories waiting for you!