Hello February!

I 💗 you!

I may be late saying hello to you here on the blog . . . now 10 days in . . .

. . . but you know I was waiting at the front door to welcome you into my 💖 from the get-go!

love bugs

We were all up before anyone could see their shadow on Groundhog Day!

🎀💗Hello Brooklyn!

We share a birth month and a birthstone!

I feel blessed part your name holds of your mama’s and mine.

love bug 2.JPG

This year.

This month.

Next week . . . a new age.  ( Although my mind, heart and spirit don’t feel it. )


A six month plan . . . ( already 10 days in ) . . . to be ready to set into a new style of life for me and Mr D.

From February to September  2018.

Let’s go!



  1. Lynne,
    What a precious early birthday present for you. All of your little ones are also precious. Love their smiles and joy in seeing Brooklyn.


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