Saturday story.

☁ 🌧 ☁ Oooooh . . . a grey . . . I prefer . . . “silvery” day!

(No Mount Rainier in sight.)

I have been up since . . . are you ready? . . . 3:45 am.

I know.

I’m crazy.

But . . .

. . . Mr D is working the weekend.  ( He had to be to the U Dub by 5.)

With two rooms down, I am on a roll.

Simplifying as I go.

. . . found a few remnants of Christmas tucked into the guest rooms.

( With “D” out of the house it calls for a deep clean. )

I have been trying to stay as “organic” as possible . . . however . . . today calls for some a bleaching agent in a few places.


I visited Tumblr for today’s collage motivation.

I may or may not have told you I have been making collages since I wallpapered the inside of my closet with Vogue and Seventeen magazine covers in my teens.  (I used watered down Elmer’s Glue All.) Needless to say, my folks were not too happy when it came time to sell their home.

So here’s the plan . . . when I leave here . . . more cleaning before I . . .

mind body spirit .jpg

. . . drop some Bergamot and Wild Orange into the weekend equation.



Then . . .

My favorite Marmalade on a croissant with Lady Grey  . . . 

. . . finish this book.  ( Randall Bell is amazing. I chose his quote to set the vibe for 34 in 2018. )

Since I was up before the chickens and the farm news . . . ( do any of you remember “The Farm News?)  The Farm News came on just after the “Test Patterns”.


The last thing on my list is a nap before dinner!

Signing off!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. The Farm News, oh boy do I remember. My grandmother lived with us. Her TV was literally right by her head when she slept at night. She kept telling us she heard voices in the early morning hours. She was quite upset we didn’t believe her. My Dad finally realized my Grandmother wore metal rollers to bed each night with her head so close to the TV she was picking up the signal. She wasn’t crazy, but when I hear Farm News, I just laugh so hard. Thank you for a wonderful Sunday memory.

  2. I cannot believe you found that test pattern! Here’s a thought….maybe they should bring that back and help people 😴💤

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