Technically speaking . . . and flowers . . . always!


Hello  B e a u t i f u l s !

I hope you are all doing well!

As I ease myself back into a familiar blog rhythm, I must share a few of the technical difficulties I am experiencing.

As a member of Google Blogger for 5 years, commenting when visiting fellow Google bloggers was a piece of cake.  Last year, after moving to WordPress, I found that I needed to jump through a few extra hoops on some Google sites . . . which is fine . . . but on others, unless logged into Google,  I was out of luck.   ( I no longer log into Google.)

Recently, I found a remedy with my “Blogger” friends who have Instagram . . . I now visit your blog, if I cannot comment, I go to your most recent IG post and leave a comment.


I snapped a few photos of 34 last week.

I emptied the funky chandelier and cleaned it at the beginning of the month.  After cleaning,  I randomly placed hearts, X’s & O’s, cards and Valentines on it.  Not necessarily pretty . . . yet pretty fun!

Soon it will be fashioned into Spring.

Thinking . . .

Paper Delights

. . . paper flowers.

Paper Delights on Instagram . . .

Seriously . . .

. . . sipping a flute of champagne and making paper flowers at “Paper Delights” would two hours of  . . . peace on Earth!


Listen to Joanna . . .

. . . as she too, channels M. Monet who still speaks to us from his garden in Giverny and  his garden above.



  1. Loving the paper flowers Lynne! I like doing that while sitting and chatting with my sister, however mine are not as beautiful as these, I will have to actually follow some directions to make the prettiest flowers. Enjoy the last couple days of February .

  2. Flowers always and always for me too …loved seeing the quote (an old favorite) in Joanna’s magazine and now here. ❤ I think the flowers are calling me again …been wanting to attend a flower workshop for a very long time …spring to do …I do I do. 😉
    Lovely day, L.

  3. Lynne, I love seeing bits of your home, and I have that same desk. It belonged to my mom. The paper flowers are pretty, and yellow is a cheery color to brighten up the overcast winter days. Now, are those red roses on your table?…..lovely. It won’t be too much longer for spring, Lynne.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Hi Lynn, we made it to Seattle. It’s a beautiful day today. We’re getting a Starbucks and going to Christiansons nursery. But I love the idea of taking a paper flower class I love Joanne Gaines Instagram photo of the pink roses that’s what I want to make. Do you think that paper class would offer that?

    1. Jody and Stan!

      Welcome! Welcome!

      I am so HAPPY it is a pretty day for your arrival! I HOPE the mountains were out to greet you!

      I am planning to take the paper flower class next Thursday night. I will show the instructor Joanna’s image and will keep you posted.

      Have fun at Christianson’s!

  5. Flowers always…I’ve been having those thoughts too.

    I love jumping over to see a friend’s Instagram. Your idea of commenting that way is very smart.

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