French Bread on Friday

🥖 SEP 15 2017 – 

B u v e tt e – the pleasure of good food . . .

I love the “feeling” I feel when I step into a well fashioned bistro or coffee-house.

Cozy . . . friendly . . . sweet . . . savory . . . warm.

Buvette 1

When I unwrapped this cookbook, I asked myself . . . Why did I wait so long to order it? (Published 2014)

On the drive to Pullman, last weekend, I immersed myself into Jody’s book.  As I read, studied the images and the pages . . .

I thought . . .

This is a feeling I wish to bring to 34.

This is what Melinda McCoy teaches.

“Feel Home!”

Bon jour! Melinda!



(Oh . . . there is so much on my mind.)

My life is about to change in a forever kind of way.

🥐 Goal . . . retire on September 1, 2018.

This means I will leave the clinic.

It does not mean I will sit still.

I am studying . . . preparing . . . planning to embrace September 1, 2018.

🥖 Plan . . . fashion a strategy . . . like . . . when I was a buyer for a major department store back in the 80’s.  

I am contemplating a creative way to make a “little” income to layer atop my social security, and my petit 401k’s




. . . maybe even market and sell again.

Have you noticed how many women have touched us via . . .  life after their “day jobs”?

💗 Julia . . . Ina . . . many of you!


The pleasant surprise I found inside Jody’s book?

A fusion of French and Italian.

I’m a fusion of French and Italian.  ( Oh! and Irish, of course.)

buvette a

B u v e tt e – the pleasure of good food arrived on 34 wrapped in a pretty block printed market bag.

buvette 2

Inside B u v e tt e was this superbly designed two-piece postcard . . .

PicMonkey Collage Buv

Parfait . . .  for display . . . with my miniature French menu’s and goodness on my funky chandelier!

L O V E !

Buvette 6

Her signature salutation!

Bon jour Jody!

I debated between purchasing at the Amazon price . . . or the direct from B u v e tt e price.

Buvett 7

( Her passion is worth FULL PRICE. )

I am already fashioning our scrambled eggs “Oeufs Brouillés” in a smaller pan.


B u v e tt e !

Getting ready to play.

Every day!

w / L

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