a f e w o f m y f a v o r i t e t h i n g s f r i d a y . . .

h e l l o o o o o o o L o v e l i e s !

snuggle time wm

oh my gosh!

let me begin with this selfie!

yes, it is a selfie of our daughter and “the grands”!  i truly believe it is frame worthy. it was “snuggle time” before “nap time”. . .  taken on wednesday . . .  the very day all three kiddos took a nap! ( a rare occurrence ) Chrislyn was elated.  nights have been sleepless due to stuffy noses and little bro’s first ear infection. as all mom’s know, sleep is a precious commodity.

in my previous post i spoke about what makes me feel beautiful on the inside. i also stated that i would share a few things that make me feel beautiful on the outside today.

i know . . . i could stop right now, as the image above makes every fiber of my being feel beautiful.  i never thought i was pretty until i had children of my own. it was then i figured i was . . . at least “cute” because . . . my kiddos are beautiful!           those “grands” knock my socks off!

i splurge when it comes to make up. my two favorite brands are Lancome and Christian Dior.  i usually purchase color twice a year, February (around my birthday), and July. currently, i do not go out the front door without these three products on me.

BIENFAIT TEINTÉ BEAUTY BALM Antioxidant and Vitamin Enriched 24-Hour Moisturization Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

with the SPF of 30 and light coverage, pour moi . . . this tinted moisturizer goes from work to work out to work in the garden. i love it because it’s a time saver! i would not have time to primp the house and blog before work if i had a layer upon layer of morning beauty regimen.

DÉFINICILS Natural Yet Noticeable Lashes

i have worn this mascara for over 30 years. my eyes are super sensitive.  i have tried others without success.

park ave

a year ago, i tried this lipstick for a more natural look.  it’s now my favorite for daytime.

i add a Dior blush, and brow pencil for work.  for evening, i tight line the top of my eye with this.

i learned something nice when purchasing directly from the manufacturers. they offer lovely samples and sometimes a gift with purchase.  if you purchase from Dior, indicate “a gift” . . . their gift boxes are amazing, and the way they fold the tissue is an experience in itself.  ( i love attention to detail when gifting. )

minimal me

when we were up at Whistler, the week before my birthday, i was unplugged with lot’s of down time. i wore my favorite three, read two and one half books and had time to take a “when i’m 64” selfie.   almost the real deal . . . as my natural grey is on hiatus for a while.

have a wonderful weekend!

next friday there will be real french bread!

w / L

:: i was not compensated for mentioning the products in this post. my post reflects my opinion, honest and simple.


  1. Hello LOVELY lady, What a beautiful family you have–that photo is precious. Your radiance shines through in your children. I agree, feeling happy (and surrounded by love) is one of the best beauty tips. You are glowing in this selfie. Now we know all your tricks (including the Dior and Lancome). Your new site is so fresh and fun. I’ve stopped by a couple of times but couldn’t leave a comment.
    Happy Monday, Lynne dear.
    xx, Heather

  2. Ho Lynne, the photo of your daughter and grands is priceless, and so frame worthy as you stated. I would love to have a photo with so much depth as to what is going on as this photo conveys to you.
    What a beautiful family you have…
    Your favorites are ones of mine as well. I have been wearing Lancome for for 33 years, and I too have my favorites the dule finish face powder, and the mascara is also a very favorite. I also have a very favorite one by another very inexpensive company that I like to trade off to time to time.
    My sister and mother also wear the Lancôme line, it just beautifies a day does it not?

    See you soon my dear, thank you for your visit to my etsy, it’s on it’s way :))


  3. The picture of your grandchildren is precious, Lynne. Yes, that one could be framed so you can look at it every day. I don’t wear too much make-up any more, some eye liner and occasional foundation. The picture of you is sweet. It’s nice to see pics of our blog friends now and then. 🙂


  4. You are so pretty and your family is beautiful too. I’m going to go back and read the last post in just a second. I have a question about the lipstick…it sounds wonderful but does it last on your lips or disappear quickly?

  5. Chrislyn’s selfie looks like a professional photo and is truly worthy of being framed. Those beautiful expressive eyes in the little ones is a wonderful juxtaposition with Chrislyn’s eyes closed. Yes, you and your family are quite pretty!

    I love Lancôme products and use several of them. Currently, I love the fragrance Ô de L’Orangerie. Of course, I replenish when there is a special gift with purchase so I can try out things I do not use regularly. Macy’s is offering free gift with $35 purchase online today. When in Paris, one of my treats is to buy Lancôme from Printemps or Galeries Lafayette department stores.


  6. Loving the beauty post (and your family is so beautiful). I love Laura Mercier, but I might need to try out some of your favorites!!
    Love your selfie! Stunning!

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